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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Girl Time!

Ryan's been studying a lot lately. It's either O-Chem, MCAT, or Molecular Biology. Fun right? (: Adi and I are so proud of him! He is working so hard and is going to rock the MCAT and become a great physician. We love him.

The other night, Adi and I were on-campus for a Bookstore sale and decided to make it to our favorite pizza place for dinner. It's crazy how much Adi's changed from pizza picture to pizza picture. I'm so grateful we document via pictures!

Anyway, we of course ordered the "Alcatraz" and enjoyed some fun mommy and me time. (Don't worry, we saved some for Ryan!)

My little girl eating with a fork! Is she old enough to do that!?


Fork? Shmork.


Our Family

Our Family
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