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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fall in LOVE with Pizza Again

You know how you are constantly in search of the perfect something? Well, for us, that something is pizza, homemade or gourmet, as evidenced here and here.

While we enjoy making pizza, the crust always seems erratic, unpredictable. So, sometimes we opt to grab a quick, easy slice or two. A few weeks ago we wanted to get some yummy oven-baked pizza, so we drove to a delicious little place we know, Smokehouse Pizza, but to our chagrin, it had gone out of business. 

Plan B, The Brickoven.  

However, as luck would have it, we happened upon a little franchise I didn't even know was here, Pier 49

It was a fun little family date, and although I have never been to San Francisco, I would be deeply disappointed if the pizza did not live up to that of Pier 49. 

While I didn't capture any pictures that evening, I did snap a quick Costco shot for Erin and old times' sake and another Pier 49 shot tonight when we picked up a pizza for our neighbors and decided to grab a quick slice ourselves. 

A Costco Combo

A Rootbeer Moment (yes, ladies and gentlemen, Adrielle is drinking out of a straw)

(And yes, my 11-month-old is drinking rootbeer. Couldn't be any worse than fruit punch, right? I digress.)


Our Family

Our Family
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