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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Trail Runs

2011 has been such a great year for me. I discovered the Provo River trail. Granted it's been there forever, but it has been fun learning to run and taking this little girl on the trail. 

Saturday we went for a morning run. It was brisk, but such a good decision. It was beautiful, and I feel like it gave me renewed energy. Definitely a great reminder. Hopefully we'll make it there this afternoon. 

Heck, they even had Jack-o-lanterns...

We bought Adi a coat this week--the weather turned so quickly that I didn't have anything for her to wear. 

Here's her getting the wiggles out after our run. 


Alison Rae said...

I love it! You two be careful on that trail!!

Carbonneau said...

what fun! I love that you have made running a family affair. I take two kids in the jogger and am building up the bigger kids to be able to ride their bikes with me. I'll have to check out that trail next time I'm in town, it looks gorgeous!

Aubrey Erickson said...

You are too cute and your little family is cute too! I love all your posts and now I really want to start a blog like yours! Plus your post inspired me to run outside again ... instead of inside on a boring treadmill!

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