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Thursday, August 18, 2011


That's right.

I said that s word. I'm admitting it. I'm stressed!

And, not that you asked, but I'm telling you about why I'm stressed anyway...

1) The Red Rock Relay is NEXT MONTH and I'm freaking out.
1) I don't have time to run and I've lost a lot of momentum.
1) The Career Fair is next month and there is so much to do!
1) I'm traveling to Seattle on business the first week of school!
1) Seattle! That's less than two weeks away and I'm not ready!
1) I'm forking out $1,200 (aghhhhh) to move the piano from Virginia to Utah.
1) There is so much uncertainty in our lives.
1) My new calling is stressing me OUT.
1) I'm getting fat.
1) I need to start a syllabus for my class.
1) I need to finish a syllabus for my class.
1) I'm loving photography, but don't know where I'm going to get the money to buy a camera.
1) I'm loving photography, and I'm taking newborn pictures, engagements, and portraits within the next week.
1) Adi needs fluoride daily and although I have it, I never give it to her and I'm to blame.
1) Adi needs a new bed.
1) I'm not sure what we're going to do about our super busy schedule this fall (especially with Adi and exercise).
1) I really want the Food Nanny to come to my house.
1) I never cook.
1) My house is a mess.
1) My fridge again looks like Old Mother Hubbard, no time to shop.
1) I want to shop for new clothes. Did I mention I'm forking out $1,200 for the piano?
1) I don't remember the last time I took a shower.
1) I want to buy football tickets. Did I mention I'm forking out $1,200 for the piano?
1) I'm giving a presentation tomorrow... about what?
1) Next week is NSO. Agh.

That's definitely enough for now.

Wow. That felt good. Therapeutic even. Did you notice that they're all my #1? Did you notice that I used a lot of I's and that I'm super self-absorbed. .

I need a vacation.

Come October 1st I will be TAKING that vacation. With what money? Who knows, but ohhhh is it going to happen.


Parrish Family said...

Well I don't know about all your #1's, BUT I can relate to the fluroide thing. DON'T feel bad. My first child I always had it, but I to forget to give it to him. And I think he has turned out just fine! :) So you can let that thing go, I think your baby will stay cute even if she isn't getting fluoride! ;)

Now, you have one less thing on your list! And goodluck with everything else, I know you will get it done. And I DON'T think you are self absorbed at all!!! And making a list is always a good way to feel a little bit better.

Okay, I think I have babbled enough!! ;)

Shan said...

I have a solution to the fitting in the exercise thing. Have you been getting the emails about the exercise classes during lunch? :) Come with me.

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