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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love This Girl.

I am in love with a girl. It is this girl. Her name is McKenzie.
I am lucky to have her as my wife, to have her by my side as my companion and partner, to confront the challenges and joys of life with her, to raise a family with her, and to spend eternity with her.

Kenz is stunningly and naturally beautiful.
She is intelligent both intellectually and emotionally.

She is ambitious and has a drive for success.
She works hard.

She is fun and does not take herself too seriously.

She is passionate about life and excitable. It's contagious.

She is a great mom who wants the best for this little girl.

And perhaps what I appreciate most is that she is genuinely good, sincere, and a true friend.
I love this girl.

Our Family

Our Family
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