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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh to be a Fashionista, A Sister Missionary that Is

What do you think of when you hear the term 'sister missionary'?

Having never served a mission, here are the few things that come to mind: 

1) The Errand of Angels, my cousin's screenplay. 
2) A friend from Spain, who told me all about her mission adventures and teaching at the MTC

Then, I hate to admit, I think of some more negatives: 

1) The phrase "Sisters are blisters"
2) "Frumpy"

I know, I hate to admit it. I think those things. 

And then, there was the light. Check this out! Sister Missionary Fashion. 

Heck, I wish I were a fashionista like these ladies. 

And, get this. It's because focus groups said that the way sisters looked have stopped people from wanting to talk with them and that they wanted it to be more 'age appropriate'. 

Awesome. Now if I could just get someone to donate to my fashionista cause. Anyone? 


Chelsea said...

Wow, definitely cute but honestly I can't picture sister missionaries wearing such bright and fun colors. Must be the stereotypes...

writings said...

You should check out, this woman is on to something. Since you are a researcher, you like it even more.

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