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Friday, August 19, 2011

18M 4D

Until Tuesday, I had forgotten that age was counted in days from prenatal development through toddlerhood. Then we went to the pediatrician.

That's right people!  Adrielle is 18 months! It's incredible to think that such a short (yet long) time ago she was a tiny infant. She's growing up so quickly, and we love her to pieces.

She absolutely hates the doctor, nurses and staff, but I guess that's normal, right? I always warn them, yet it's always funny when they're surprised by her strength and tenacity.

Anyway, the doctor asked if we any questions and of course... I had one itty bitty one. When do you get rid of the bottle?

Apparently the answer to that question is something I missed at the 12 month appointment because the answer was 15 months or in other words ASAP.

So... no more easy mornings with Adi drinking a bottle. I guess we have to become real parents now and get up and feed our kid. And actually, so far so good. She loves fruit, so this morning she had frozen mandarin oranges. Yummy.

Her 18-month stats were pretty good. I am so grateful she's happy and healthy.

Weight: 25.79 lbs, 71st percentile
Height: 31.5 inches, 45th percentile
Head Circumference: 19 inches, 90th percentile

Adi holding up the boating flag last weekend

Some things of note about Adi right now are: 
  • She's running everywhere
  • She's positively obsessed with walks and tells us so by opening the closet door, pointing to the stroller, grabbing our hands and taking us to the stroller, and saying 'walk' 'walk' 
  • She has an obsession with shoes and wears my heals around the house
  • She loves to dance and will hear music anywhere even if it's playing faintly in the background
  • She's can open doors that have a horizontal latch and is an inch away from opening round knobs
  • She loves books, singing, dancing, and her baby doll and 'Jack the Giraffe' 
  • She loves to stop the dishwasher and open it
  • She's still growing her hair
  • She hates the doctor and getting her nails clipped
  • She still has a birthmark on her right cheek
  • She recently developed a love for Sesame Street at Grandma and Grandpa's
  • She's learning not to hit
  • She's talking a lot, and understanding more and more every day
  • She's taken an interest in the potty... no, I am not going to share any of these details on the blog
  • She still has 12 teeth


Melissa said...

Such a smart, active, sweet little girl. It was fun to see her (and you of course) on Thursday. And I'm glad she gave me a little cuddle!

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Our Family
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