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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cupcake crazed.

So, I've talked about the Cupcake Craze, but not about my love for all things beautiful. Including food. 

From the day I could boil water to present, my dad's food motto has always been "Taste is nothing, presentation is everything." And... I've taken that as one of my personal mottos. 

While I don't cook or bake very regularly, I can. And that's what's important. And, at times, I can make wicked delicious food that looks incredible. 

I say at times because often I feel like all the women around me are creating beautiful, delicious food all the time, so for me at times is often a response to show off and demonstrate that I can do it. Well.

Last week, our ward had an activity. I had volunteered to make cupcakes, so Ryan and I got a head start on these gourmet beauties. 

We baked the actual chocolate cupcakes the night before and then whipped up some delicious fresh raspberry butter creme frosting. We topped them with fresh raspberries and added a touch of iridescent bakers powder for looks. 

They look amazing, right?

Yeah, killer when Ryan and I are now a sweets-once-a-week-for-life family.

We were thrilled with how they turned out, and heard from friends that they tasted delicious too.

I was totally devastated however when I remembered that they were only for a kid's cake walk!? And everyone else had brought kid-themed, store-bought vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Oh well, you won't doubt though, will you? :)


Our Family

Our Family
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