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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cupcake Craze

For Adrielle's first birthday party, I bought 2 dozen jumbo cupcakes from Cocoa Bean here in Provo. I had eaten them before, but had never paid for them before. They are quite expensive... when you buy them by the dozen that is.

As most of you know, gourmet cupcakes are trendy. Sometimes trendy bugs. A few years ago, I went to a party hosted by a friend. I had heard of Sprinkles cupcakes, but had never eaten one. That was to be the day that I tasted my first 'gourmet cupcake'.

Red velvet. To be exact.

It was... disappointing.


The icing was the best part...

And, to top it off (no pun intended) there was a red 'sprinkle' on top. I ate it.

Right as I bit into it, another guest, classified as what I refer to as 'a cupcake snob,' looked at me in horror and said smugly, "you don't eat that."

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I felt stupid. It was sugar, edible, but tooth-cracking.

That was the first 'gourmet cupcake' and the first 'gourmet cupcake' lesson.

Since that time however, Sprinkles has been left in the dust by some delicious competition: Baked and Wired, a trendy cupcake boutique in Georgetown that would rival any sprinkles cupcake.

In fact, they are so delicious, that when I was in Washington last week (more on that to come), a friend and I met up just to get cupcakes. Which leads to the following picture...

Lemon-Rasperry Cupcake - To. Die. For.

And a story.

When I met Adam in Georgetown for cupcakes we got one for Ryan too. Never-mind the fact that he was 2,500 miles and a week away.

I will have you know that the above cupcake made it's way fresh from the bakery to my hotel freezer and then, a week later, to a small randomly-acquired box inside my carry-on on a 2,500-mile flight, to then be eaten by my hubby.

I will admit, I had a smidgin. It was delicious. And, it was as if it had been frozen in time... It was still fresh!

A yummy thanks to Adam from Ryan and me. Can't wait to return in October!


Elizabeth said...

I tried to eat the sprinkle on top of a sprinkles cupcake once.... I think that's a mistake I won't try again. Red dye just doesn't have a very good flavor.

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