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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wild Thing

I know you remember this children's book...

Disturbing? Possibly. Would I recommend the corresponding movie? Never. (Ryan and I will never be able to get those hours back, nor will we be able to wipe our memories of the images we endured.)

What about this gem...

Did I enjoy this as a child? Perhaps. Do I enjoy this as an adult? Heck no.

One more...

A personal favorite? You bet. Do I resonate with the characters? Absolutely.

So... what do these books all have in common? One guess.

That's right, a wild one.

I have a wild one. Did you know that?

Her name is Adrielle, also known as Binx.

Last night, we met and had dinner with this wonderful couple. Unfortunately, Adi was on her worst behavior, and yes I said met.

Adrielle can be so darling and well-behaved, but she can also give you a run for your money. And I mean run.

Picture this:

Las night, when she wasn't screaming, she was throwing things.

When she wasn't throwing things, she was spitting food out.

When she wasn't spitting food out, she was putting anything and everything in Ryan's water glass.

When she wasn't doing that, she spilled two whole glasses of water (one with water, paper towel, bread, jelly belly, etc) all over the place and all over me. (That was actually kind of funny...)

Get my drift?

We've dealt with this before, but interestingly enough, this time it was different. It was interesting. We've started trying to teach Adrielle the importance of being reverent during Sacrament meeting, and she's started to learn.

We've realized the more anxious we get, the more likely we are to become embarrassed, have a melt down, or lose our patience.

So... while my little wild thing acted out, had tantrums, and made a huge mess, we had a good time and have learned to love her curiosity that much more.


Our Family

Our Family
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