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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's not every day you find out that...

Some common criminal has gone on a $3512.97 spending spree to various Wal-Marts between midnight and 6am some hundreds of miles away.

I didn't even lose my credit card. I'm actually very careful. 

Come to find out there are things called "Cloning Machines"... how random is that.

Lucky for Visa, Wal-Mart is an automatic red flag for business cards, so they flagged it before any more damage could be done.

Lucky for me, it was my business card.

Lucky for BYU, fraud is protected against.

Anyway, this was an interesting happening this past week. It's made me think twice about using my card. I think Ryan and I might even talk about using cash more often--just in case.


SRA said...

Is this the thing that happened at Michael's?

Alicia said...

It happened to us once, and that person tried to buy diamonds in Luxembourg, yes, the country! American Express is EXCELLENT in catching fraud. They've even called us when we made a purchase normally unusual for us. Glad everything's worked out though.

Jared and Christin said...

Cloning Machines are usually done in Restaurants.

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