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Sunday, March 13, 2011

3.141592... Pi or Should I say Pies?

So, serendipitously, tomorrow is Pi Day... here's a nice little post about pies in honor of the great mathematical principle... (not that I've used it in the past 5 years...)

Oh, and a small piece of trivia. When I was in 7th grade, I memorized this: for Pi Day...

3.14159265358979323238462 - that's a lot of pi.

This last week, my colleague invited me to her house to learn how to make delicious apple pie.

I was really excited about going and making it. The only problems?

1. I hate pie. The analogy I've come up with to describe why I hate pie is related to my aversion to flannel as well. Pie crust, it's like flannel for your mouth. :) Oh well.

2. And no sweets. Oh well.

It was a lot of fun getting together and fun learning a new skill! I thought they even looked pretty too.

Apple Pie from scratch. (Not too shabby for my first pie ever.)

And nope. Didn't eat a bite--gave it to a family in our ward to say thanks for watching Adi.

Today I decided to try again, and worked up this masterpiece as well...

Blueberry pie, crust from scratch. (Pretty great for my second pie, don't you think!?)

And nope. Didn't eat a bite--gave it to my family for their FHE treat.

So, now we wait until April so I can make Ryan a Cherry Pie. (He's sad that we've made 2 batches of cookies and 2 pies and that he hasn't been able to eat any of them. Only 19 more days... ugh, when will March be over!?)


Shan said...

You aren't the only who doesn't like pie. I totally get it!

Nate said...

your digits of pi are incorrect.. it goes as follows: 3.1415926535897238462

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