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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Naughty and Nice List

I had big plans for this post, but I have come to the harsh reality that if I'm ever going to post it, it won't be what I had envisioned it to be. Let's blame it on final exams, Christmas festivities, getting sick twice -- once before finals and the other Christmas week and following with a Quasimodo eye an ear infection and productive cough (gotta love that euphemism). So, I am settling and hoping that I will do better in the future. This list is lacking primarily in comprehensiveness with more references and argument. So, here it goes and let me know who is on your naughty and nice list for this past year.

Naughty and Nice List

+ President Obama: for swallowing some pride and recognizing what the Midterm Elections meant in terms of American approval of his agenda, and finally recognizing there is need for compromise.
+ Senator Bob Bennett: for dedicated, educated service to the country and Utah.
+ State Senator Luz Robles: for tackling Immigration in Utah - her plan is worth consideration because it is both practical and compassionate.
+ The University of Utah: awesome institution, great research opportunities and did I mention that classes don't start until Jan. 10?!?!
+ The Roomba: we got one for Christmas and not only does it keep our floors clean, it is almost as good as a babysitter -- the baby loves watching, chasing, and running away from it.

+ Joy from The View:
she couldn't embody the antithesis of her name any more than she does, I can't think of a more miserable ogre if I tried. I recommend Prozac.
+ Rush Limbaugh: Self absorbed in excess and to the point where what he says should be scrutinized to the utmost degree to filter egotism and then diluted to be somewhat rational and reasonable.
+ Former House Speaker, Representative Nancy Pelosi: okay, I thought of a more miserable ogre.
+ BYU MPA Career Placement: over-embellished placement numbers, including summer internships and placement of non-alumni as permanent placement among other things. Shame
on this program's administration that prides itself in ethics of all things.

So there it is, a short list for this past year. When I started it, I was obviously in a political funk. Hopefully yours is better, and mine already looks much more promising for next year.


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Our Family
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