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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Toddler

In the past two weeks, I have had people in five different instances (including a doctor) refer to Adi as a toddler! A toddler? What happened to Baby Adi? 10 months is too early, isn't it?

Well, apparently not because, according to Wikipedia, "A toddler is a young child who toddles about. During the toddler stage, the child learns a great deal about social roles, develops motor skills, and first starts to use language."

Apart from the toddling, Adi is becoming aware of other children, babies, pets, and strangers. She has developed fine motor skills including pinching and has even grasped the idea of "give me five"! And, this week she has succeeded at developing the ba ba sound, the oh sound, and even said Jacob and thank you... Sooo... I guess with the evidence below she is a toddler?

(Video taken 12/27/10)


Andrew & Elise said...

She's so cute and little! I can't believe something that small can walk! So sad I didn't get to see her. Glad you're feeling better, though!

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Our Family
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