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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Definition of Home

Over the past six and a half years of our marriage, Ryan and I have moved nine times. It's a lot if you think about it, but in that nine moves we have learned an important and life-long lesson: "home" is an ever-changing location because home is where we are together. 

We've shed tears over leaving and reminisced through stories about our various homes; our newlywed home in our charming basement apartment, our almost-to-have-been, not-so-charming basement room at my parents', our elegant studio on Capitol Hill (with bunk beds and all), our tiny Wymount apartment where we brought home our little person, our incredible Park Fairfax colonial, our Country Woods Garden-level condo, and our very first home purchase, the townhouse.

The common factor in all of them was us; we were together. While some families build a "stick" house; the house that sticks, where they spend their entire lives, our story will be different. Full of change, full of adventure. 

The next chapter of that adventure is Grenada; we are looking forward to building our home together in a beautiful paradise with new friends, experiences, and cultures. 


Our Family

Our Family
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