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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Still Small Voice

Today after leaving church I felt impressed to stop by the house of my good friend, Gail, the Primary President in our sister ward. I had found a binder from their ward and wanted to return it.

I spotted by and we chatted--she had dogs there, so Adi was in Heaven.

Afterwards, as we drove away, I saw my friend's house, and felt a strong prompting to swing by, but hesitated. Again, it was so strong, so I asked Adi if she wanted to go see her friend, Annabelle.

When I knocked on the door, Jenn answered and invited us in. She was dressed up and I said she looked nice--to which she said they were blessing Baby Bailee.

"Oh yay! Can I come?" Was my exact response.

(Afterwards I thought--how rude of me!)

Jenn said of course and after a brief chat, we all headed to their Sacrament Meeting. She had mentioned who was invited to participate and had mentioned that if Ryan were in town they would have invited him--how special--it meant a lot to Ryan. They have been such good friends to us and we are grateful for their friendship!

Jenn and Dave's good friend and neighbor, Paul, blessed Bailee and it was so calm, sweet, and touching--the spirit was very strong. She is a special little girl.

I am so grateful I listened to that still small voice.


Our Family

Our Family
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