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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


When our friends, Amber and Peter, were in Grenada, they said make sure you take any medication you might need... 

I took that literally and we decided that although it was unlikely we would be taking 72-hour kits, we were going to revamp our First Aid kit and be prepared. 

I made a list... (is that any surprise) 
And found an awesome L.L. Bean toiletry bag in red that would work as a bag to store all of our medications and First-Aid supplies...

I'm pretty sure we're prepared for just. about. anything.

(I'm sure I'll update over the next two years and laugh at how frivolous many of our preparations were--I'm sure to document them too!

The other thing I wanted to do, was gather our immunization records and have them in one centralized location.

But guess what.

That's harder said than done.

Holy cow.

Finnnnallly, after looking, prodding, calling, emailing, and visiting the doctor's office, I was able to get all of Adi's vaccination records, but I wanted them in one cohesive place, so I recreated the schedule I found here.

It's really weird for me to think that Adi is almost old enough for Kindergarten. Crazy!


Our Family

Our Family
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