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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bachelor Confessions

I have eaten the Grenadian version of Oreos (TeaTime made by Wibisco) and popcorn for dinner because, well, it sounded better than making anything else. **Post-editorial note: I just made the best black bean burgers ever. Don't worry, I do eat real food. And vegetables, too.**

I hang out in my underwear at home because it's just too darn hot and I'm too cheap to use the AC. Luckily I don't get visitors (or if I do I'm not home and on campus, but there have been Sundays when I have irrationally panicked thinking someone would come by).

The whole bed is mine and I use it all, too. This presents a possibly difficult adjustment when Kenz arrives but I have started a readjustment plan that makes use of a rolled comforter that is supposed to keep me on one side of the bed. Hopefully this training works out.

I wash my clothes in the kitchen sink because it's not worth the time or money to go use the washer. I don't iron anything because, hey, the humidity takes care of the wrinkles (either that or sweat).

I go to campus at 7:00 AM and am at home around 10:00 PM. So much for work-life balance.

I check the empty room and the shower for unwelcome visitors (human, insect, or reptile) before I go to bed at night. I have a vivid imagination.

My Saturday night is comprised of study with a few episodes of Bones or House on Netflix, accompanied by TeaTime and popcorn, of course.

I can't wait for my girlies to be here with me.


Our Family

Our Family
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