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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Family Photos - Part 2

As Ryan and I think about our imminent move, it is bitter sweet. While I do not claim to be from Utah, I have lived here for the past ten years and together, Ryan and I (with the Binx) have carved out our own little piece of happiness. 

It has been a huge blessing to be near family, especially Ryan's Grandfather, Jim, who I have come to know and love as my own Grandpa. (When you don't grow up with one, you really come to appreciate the only grandpa you've ever known--I'm pretty sure he sets the bar pretty high.)

Grandpa - July 2014 

He is such a source of strength to us--I love hearing about his time at Wal-Greens, being Sealed in the Temple, and hearing him talk about his sweetheart, Colleen. I really wish I'd known her. 

A few weeks ago, when looking at a large family picture at Grandpa's house, I realized it had been four years (2010) since the last one was taken and that the family had grown by ten during that time! The one prior to that was in 2006, so a four-year gap was right on target. 

I sent out a message to get Ryan's whole extended family together one last time before we all head off to different parts of the world, but unfortunately, it was physically impossible. 

So instead, we had our own smaller shoot with Grandpa in Farmington. The photographer, Kelly, from Gallery Photography was incredible. His attention to detail was really amazing! I was really thinking one very large photo of everyone, but in the end he was able to get a little of this and a little of that. 

The most important one for me the one of the kiddos with Grandpa. 

And all of us with him too. 

Brad and Jennifer Family with Grandpa 

After that, everyone was icing on the cake. He got some of the three of us...

A great shot of Adi...

A few with the grandparents and grandkids... 

And some of everyone together... 


Emily said...

Such beautiful photos! And you look gorgeous, McKenzie!

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