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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Things to Come

January 1, 2014:

This morning I woke up to face my beautiful, sleeping wife. I gently touched her shoulder, and pondered the last 38 hours leading up to the new year. 

2013 was eventful. We chased dreams and in doing so felt elation, anticipation, disappointment, and anxiety. We have worked hard and made sacrifices, having faith that things will work out as they should.

And they have. But this does not make things easy.

At 12 weeks, Kenz miscarried the baby which has been a difficult experience. We just announced over the holidays to the family and extended families that we were expecting, even sending out the announcement in our Christmas cards. We thought we were in the safe zone to announce.

Leonel, our car of many years, a car that has journeyed across the country a couple of times and gotten us around town began to have problems, died on the freeway. One light came on, then all the lights came on, then we just coasted. And luckily we coasted right off the off ramp and there was a place to turn off of the main road to a side road immediately so we did not lose much momentum. Then a kind passerby gave us a jump and we made it back to my parents' house.

We made some repairs, but when we estimated costs going forward we knew it was time to say goodbye. Luckily, Kenz's parents have a truck they have generously offered us to use until we know where life will take us in the next few months.

What a trying few days we had. Uncertainty is part of life, yet we still make plans and move forward. 

There are good things yet to come. 


Our Family

Our Family
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