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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keepin' it Klassy at Kmart.

In October 2012, Ryan and I were walking around Kmart holding hands while we waited for my birth control prescription to be filled. Another nine months of it to be exact. 

Almost at the same time we said the same idea: I don't think we should get the prescription. 

I felt a little sheepish going to tell the pharmacist, but ironically (or perhaps not), they didn't even have any of that medication in stock. 

That was over a year ago.   


Yesterday morning, a day after Daylight Savings Time ended, I woke up at 5:30am a little frustrated. For one, I was awake and couldn't get back to sleep, but the true frustration stemmed from the negative sign on the pregnancy test less than 48 hours previously. I debated for a little while--I mean I didn't want to waste another test, and wanted to be patient. I didn't even have any symptoms. And it was kind of premature anyway! But finally, based on frustration and the (perceived) fact that my pelvic kidney felt a little different, I decided to test again. It was around 6am.

When again I saw the negative sign, I was exasperated--what in the world is going on?! Then, after about ten seconds, a faint intersecting line appeared. 

Positive! It was positive! 

I threw open the bathroom door and said excitedly and triumphantly to Ryan (who was still sleeping), "I knew it!"

We are both excited (!) and grateful. It took an entire year. Looking back at the past year and where the next nine months will take us, I testify God is all knowing and merciful. He expects us to listen to His counsel and plan, but He leads those plans in His own mysterious ways and directions.  

I immediately asked Ryan if I could text one of my besties, Laura-Laura girl. 


We had talked over the past year or so about babies and she was always so supportive. I'm not one who gets baby hungry--let's be honest people, infants are not fun (if you say otherwise you're lying through your teeth)--but Laura always asked how I was doing and we confided in each other despite the fact that we live 3,000 miles apart. 

It's really, really early: 4 Weeks 4 days. Only 248 days to go and so much is going to happen during that time! I know Heavenly Father has so much in store for our little family!

Oh my goodness! We're having another baby! 

(Is it bad that I'm most excited about picking a name?! For a while Ryan and I have though that our next will be a boy, so I have some great boy names, but either way it will be fun!)

We haven't decided when to tell another else--I have a couple more people I will confide in over the next few weeks, but the big announcement will probably come around Christmas. (Here's to hoping I'm not too sick these next eight weeks and here's to hoping I don't show for a long time--a girl can wish right?)


Finally, I want to document this pregnancy better than I did with Adi, especially anything funny.

As of yesterday morning, I hadn't experienced any symptoms. Or so I thought... When we went to pick up Adi from my parents' after work, Ryan picked up a jar of roasted pumpkin seeds (which I don't really like) and walked past me. I commented on their strong pumpkin-y and roasted smell, I really didn't like it. I didn't think anything of it until Ryan opened a bottle of soy sauce as he was making dinner and I could smell that too. I asked if it was strong and he said no. Ohhhhhh... Then he told me the pumpkin seeds didn't smell very strong either. 

The funniest part though is that Ryan was suspicious as early as Saturday and hadn't said anything. With Adi my gag reflex to was really, really heightened. We had watched Baby Mama and there is this yeast bread thing... I gaged and gaged and gaged. 

Saturday we saw Ender's Game (sooo good by the way) and there is a part where one of kids throws up into a bag and I gaged and gaged and gaged.

Ryan made the correlation, I didn't. I thought that might just be my weak stomach reaction and he said it reminded him of when I was pregnant with Adi. 

Weird. I'm pregnant. 

I'm pregnant? 

I'm pregnant!


Our Family

Our Family
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