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Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Little Gymnast

This year we debated: dance or gymnastics. And gymnastics won (although now I'm thinking maybe both, but perhaps that would be overkill.) 

So, we asked Maleen where she took her kids and signed Adi up at Arête Gymnastics in Lindon.

It's a huge facility and I've been pretty impressed with the staff, the equipment, but especially these young athletes. It's pretty cool and they're really good!

Today was the big day we'd been counting down for (we made a paper chain to count down because Adi was devastated that we couldn't stay last time) and voila, success! 

She did cartwheels, backbends, backwards somersaults, and twirls on the bars. She was smiling the entire time! And she had a blast! 

I LOVED having her in dance last year, but it wasn't nearly as active as this first forty-five minutes. We'll see how the year progresses. :)

In true Adi fashion, I said, "Smile" and got this gem. Love my little girl. 

Adi on the first day of gymnastics - 8/12/13 -
Age 3 1/2 to the day


Our Family

Our Family
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