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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mothers

I am lucky. Yesterday, I had the chance to reflect a little about the amazing mothers in my life and the amazing and beautiful mother who is also my wife.

I think these pictures give insight into just how amazing Kenz is as a mother and the special relationship she has with the Binx.

I am grateful for the amazing woman I married and for the mother she is. She values relationships, education, and ambition to pursue goals and dreams like few others I know.

(MPA Graduation)

Yes, I am lucky to be married to this smarty pants, social butterfly. 

I'm lucky to have my own hard-working mother as an example of Christlike love and selfless service. I am lucky to have a mother in-law who raised my amazing wife, who is amazingly supportive and treats me like one of her own. I am lucky to have examples of wonderful grandmothers, one surviving, who have blessed my life in ways I cannot count. 

All of these beautiful women, with their love for learning, faith, focus on what's important, and pursuit of excellence have blessed my life. And I'm lucky to have them. 


Our Family

Our Family
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