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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Change (is a good thing)

Last week we learned that our ward (the Vineyard 2nd Ward) and another ward (the Vineyard 6th Ward) would combine for sacrament meeting this week. It could really only meant one thing (ward boundary changes), but we could only speculate.

Ryan and I guessed that our subdivision might be taken and put into another ward, but like I said, speculation.

Ryan and I put it out of our minds until yesterday when discussing the possibility of changes with Ryan's family. I'd heard some crazy stories of ward changes, but never been involved in one. Like many wards in Utah, our ward is [geographically] very small, in fact as the crow flies, we're less than a mile away from the farthest point in any direction. Being that close, I told myself that regardless of the change, we're likely going to see each other at neighborhood events, girl's nights, and even on everyday occasions. I couldn't help but balk at the idea of being super emotional, but I also couldn't have anticipated the feelings that I would actually have when hearing the news.

Turns out, we were right. Today the Vineyard 7th Ward was created and our subdivision was combined with some new construction areas here by the golf course. I had mixed feelings. 

A new ward. Leaving our old ward. I hadn't thought about what it would really mean. I hadn't really realized my attachment to the Vineyard 2nd Ward and what it meant to me. To us.

I had the privilege of teaching Sunday School today about the Sabbath and more specifically the Sacrament. No matter where we go, the Sacrament will be the same. It's such a comforting feeling to know that it is a never-changing constant in our lives. It is evidence of the fullness of the truth found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

At the end of the lesson I bore my testimony and was able to verbalize my gratitude for the Vineyard 2nd Ward. They were welcoming. They were open, kind, and loving. They have break-the-fasts. In a family ward. It is a ward. family. Regardless of where we go tomorrow or twenty years from now I will always be grateful for the incredible visiting teachers, home teachers, and ward members who helped us further build our testimonies and gave us opportunities to serve.

Like I said, we're less than a mile away, so we will continue to build and foster the relationships with our friends in the Vineyard 2nd Ward.

But, like our new ward clerk, Brother Davis, said, change is good.

We are looking forward to new opportunities for growth, new callings, and most importantly the opportunity to build and foster relationships with our new friends in the Vineyard 7th Ward.


Our Family

Our Family
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