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Monday, April 15, 2013

Le weekend

I will admit, that sometimes, my mental coping (aka: weekend) starts on Friday morning. 

Happily this past week, some mental coping took place, even at 5:37 AM. 

And the rest of the weekend was pretty good after that... 

Saturday morning, my friend (former colleague), Rene picked me up and we headed to Herramin to run a "Wonder Woman 5k". Her first. She did so well! It was so much fun, and really incredible. I will say the up-hill, headwind-in-your-face race was definitely a challenge, but Rene was simply incredible! 

The two of us before and after the race! 

They even gave use these fun, girly charms as we finished! 

We are Wonder Women

Somewhere that afternoon, Adi had run away and we found her "hiding" in the ceder chest. I love that she thinks that we can't see her--I did the same thing as a kid! 

You can't catch me!

Later on Saturday, we headed up to Sugar House to meet up with our friends Brad and Allison with our friend Dan. It was a lot of fun. I seriously need an Apple TV. (Yes, need people!) 

On the way up, Adi said the cutest thing... 

"Go really fast Dada. There's a truck in our way." #mylittlegirl

Church was a lot the same, but at least the weather was nice in the afternoon. Adi and our neighbor friend, Graham had fun running and rolling down the (little) hill by our place. 

#sundaybest #friends

Our ward has a neat tradition of "Break the Fast" (yes, it is a family ward. I've already gotten quizzical looks over this.) and so, Ryan and I whipped up a storm yesterday. My favorite success... Blackberry-Lime Butter Cookies. 

Way better than the Strawberry-Lemon recipe.

Blackberry-lime butter cookies. A better take on the Strawberry-Lemon cookies from #ourbestbites. 
That's what happens when you have limes instead of lemons and blackberry preserves in stead of strawberry jam. 

The break the fast was fun, and it was still only just after six, so we had a lazy night, watched some tele, and the Binx took a bath... 

So nice. 



Singing and smiling... She has such an uncanny memory for songs. (:

And don't forget these two snuggle buddies...

And yes, she is in her suit. From the moment I mentioned "swimming lessons" she's been refusing
 to get out of it. It makes me happy that she likes the water so much though! 

And, a dog. 


Our Family

Our Family
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