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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good-Girl Sparkles

A few months ago we bought a hot-pink glass jar and some flat glass plant beads. We wanted something that would be an incentive for Adrielle as she started cleaning her room, listening, etc.

Last week, she finished refilling the jar (when she did really well at dancing lessons) and she was excited! For good reason too.

A few weeks before, my good friend, Shiloh had gone to Disneyland. She such a great listener and in February I had mentioned a Lego castle that I wish I had bought Adi for her birthday that was in the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. And, well because Shiloh, being the amazingness that she is offered to pick it up for us! When she got back we swung by and picked it up. We'd been prepping Adi that Miss Shiloh was the "Disney Fairy" and that she had a special surprise for her, but that she had to be extra good and fill up her jar with her good-girl sparkles.

Needless to say that last Wednesday (and each day since) Adi had a great time with her new legos! So fun (even though I have to recreate the castle each time we play)!

Before the big debut... 

The 'creative' process...


Our Family

Our Family
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