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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Friday morning while we were getting ready for work, Adi asked me to help her put on my chandelier earrings.

When I told her she couldn't she asked why. I said that I had pierced ears--that I had a little hole in my ear--to which she responded, "can I have pierced ears?"

Cue panic.

When I had my ears pierced when I was five, they were constantly infected. I have pictures from kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade with obvious, very bad infections.

It took a while, but we slowly learned I was extremely allergic to metals other than 14k gold and sterling silver.

They got so bad that I let them grow together and had them re-pierced at twelve.

The next part of the conversation went something like this...

Me: Adi, it hurts.

Adi: That's okay.

Me: Are you sure?

Adi: Yes, I want pierced ears!

Me: (Thinking... okay. I can do this? But wait, should we wait until she's five? Or maybe eight? What if she doesn't want the second one pierced? Or what if she backs out? Or what if she freaks out? Or what if I freak out? Or what if they get infected? What if they get infected like mine??) Okay... if you really want to.

Adi: I want to!

So after work we headed to Claire's. Adi wanted little pearls like mine, but alas they only had little stones. Can you guess which color she chose?

It took a little while to get through the paper work and the legal stuff (I was a little concerned, then I realized if I were Claire's I wouldn't want to get sued if someone's (or everyone's) ears got infected.

She asked if wanted them pierced separately and I immediately jumped at a no response. Together. Quick. Easy. Same time. Yes.

We prepped Adi and I kept asking if she was sure and she said she was.

So, the got the guns ready to go We told her how very important it was for her to remember that she couldn't touch her ears, so I helped by holding her little hands.

Then it was go time.

Ready, set, pierce!

The look on Adrielle's face was soooo sad. She was looking me straight in the eyes with a sequence of happy, then quizzical, doubtful, fearful, culminating in slight hysteria with huge crocodile tears.

I was traumatized. So was she. She got over it. I still feel bad. Ryan wasn't phased. His response was along the lines of an objective, "we told her it would hurt." (I guess you would have to have had your ears pierced to know... Ryan? ;)

When all was said and done they gave her a yummy sucker and she wiped away her tears when she saw her pretty ears in the mirror. (I was a little worried by how red they were, but that quickly faded.)

She has been showing them off ever since. 

She is our little girly-girl. 

We love her. 

And her little pierced ears. 


Our Family

Our Family
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