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Friday, April 5, 2013


Before I left for Washington in March, I needed to take an impromptu day off and work from home. And because of the shift, I had to move a nail appointment I had before I left.

So, Adi came with me and it ended up being an impromptu girl's day!

My colleague, Rene, had been recommending her nail girl, Natasha, forever, and I finally went. She did amazing gel/shellac nails for me and Debbie (aka Miss Debbie) did Adi's a bright teal.

The excitement! 


Us with our girly-girl nails!

The after. (:

It was fun to get them done and to feel pampered! (While I don't do it very often, I really, really like getting them done! I see them, feel feminine, and they give me confidence.) 


Our Family

Our Family
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