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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Critical Moments

My students have been giving presentations. Quite of few of them have involved food. I was so stalwart until today... 

One of my students talked about her efforts to become a good baker and related it to the job search: Some people don't like peanut butter or chocolate. In other words, not everyone is going to want you. 

Well, I. Wanted. That. Chocolate-covered, rice-crispy treat!

But... Ryan and I have been working hard for the past few days to avoid sweets... so while I really wanted it, in my critical moment, I deferred to my positive peer pressure (Ryan), who happened to be in influencer training...

I'm actually really proud to say that I did give it to Heidi. And apparently it was delicious. But, there are always going to be other opportunities, right?


Our Family

Our Family
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