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Friday, March 15, 2013

Ode to Blogging

It's 12:44am 12:55am.  

I should be sleeping. Or reading. Or responding to e-mails. Or coding. 

But I'm stuck on something... 

What's wrong with this picture? 

Oh yes. Do you see that 14?

Only 14!? 

Last fall, I fell into a rut. And I've had a difficult time climbing out.

You see, I've never really felt like I was good at anything. Like really good. Like could "claim" it as my own good. Until it came to our blog. I was good at writing on our blog. On updating our memories. I was a blogger in my own right.

Unfortunately, last fall, I let inferiority get the best of me. I stopped blogging regularly. I stopped posting about small events and even big events all together. (I didn't completely shut down. I've used Instagram pretty regularly and we just passed our 2,000th picture! (I'd say that's pretty impressive.))

I regret not keeping up with the blog, and although admittedly got more sleep, I lost some memories.

I want to remember. I want to laugh and cry. I want to record the significant and the not-so-significant.

Here's the new resolution to catch up and stay caught up.

To blogging.


Maleen said...

I really feel blogging is like the comes in waves. Some memories jotted down are better than no memories. So, don't give up, but don't beat yourself up either.

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Our Family
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