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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Since Binx couldn't be trusted to know what exactly she wanted to be for Halloween, we took a costume and back-up costumes to grandma and grandpa's house, just in case. (She was convinced she was going to be a cat for a while, then a princess. Finally, we were like, whatever, we have both costumes and she can decide when the time comes.)

She actually ended up being the pink princess who turned people into frogs.

Contemplating over a sucker.

Lately, this Binx has been trying her best to teach me patience and to slow down. She stopped and talked with other kids (she was obsessed with this little girl dressed up like Merida from Brave), looked at every pumpkin and decoration, and got sidetracked by toys left out. 

Here she found a little bike that she wanted to ride.

She evaded capture until the bitter end. 

Maybe she should try asking Santa for a bike for Christmas. She might have more luck with that than trying to take someone else's. But if she continues trying to take other's bikes, she might not have luck with Santa, either.

Binx may have taught me to stop and enjoy the experience by the end. At the end of our route, I noticed this pumpkin saw this pumpkin. Kenz has a cousin whose family made a birthday cake with this saying on it. We don't know what it means, but apparently it's from a computer game and apparently, the cake is a lie.


Maleen said...

I'm pretty sure it is connected with the game 'Portal'. I have never played, but Tyler did. In the end, you have beaten the computer, and there is supposed to be cake...supposedly...

The credits song is absolutely one of my favorites. You can check it out here.

*Although the line, 'The cake is a lie' is not in it, just to be clear.

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