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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Double chocolate.

Today was a long day. It was nice to get to spend some time with Ryan, but it was still long.

Up at 5:45am, out the door by 8:00am, meetings starting at 8:30am, skipped lunch, taught class until 6:40pm.

We didn't pick up Adi until 7pm. It's sad really. I am so grateful however that Adi gets to spend time with my family.


We were on our way home just after 7pm when I mentioned stopping by the church because (considering Ryan needed some peace and quiet to study) I really wanted to attend the Relief Society activity, but after first thought said never mind.

Adi however had different plans.

She really wanted to go to the church, so Ryan dropped us off at the church. I should have known by the silence that it wasn't what I had expected, and wasn't going to go how I imagined.

When we got there a nice guy in our ward had been in the halls--he was doing the nursery (although no kids had shown up). Adi didn't like the idea, so I just took her into the room with me. But it wasn't what is was expecting... It was quiet. Very quiet.

Needless to say we didn't last long.

We then tried nursery for about five minutes, and then just called it quits.

I was frustrated.

Not by Adi, and not by any one thing in particular. It was just hard end to a hard day.

8:00pm and no one had eaten, so I started to make dinner, but realized that my time would be better spent on a simple cereal-for-dinner kind of night (I will say I've never been that desperate and out time before) while I prepared a meal for a friend and her family.

Not to mention the difficulty in accomplishing this with a sink full of literally every dish I owned.

It. Was. Overwhelming.

In fact, I wholly wanted to retreat to my bed to avoid my disorganized kitchen.

Then Shiloh showed up.

She had texted earlier. Wanted to know if I had stayed around in the church building. When she came over, she said that she'd been unable to concentrate and had realized she was hungry, so she ran to grab a bite to eat.

While she was at Kneaders she remembered that I liked hot chocolate, and then she showed up at my door with a double-chocolate hot chocolate.

It was perfect. And the ten-minute conversation and validation of friendship and care was a much-needed pick me up.

After she left, I went at that kitchen. And I'm happy to say that a good I-care-about-you hot chocolate goes a very long way.


I am grateful for a friend who listened to the spirit enough to know that I needed a little pick me up and some encouragement. I know Heavenly Father knows our needs and fulfills our prayers through the blessings of friends.


Our Family

Our Family
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