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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Mom Strength

Today, I headed to swimming lessons to meet Adi. We went into the locker room to get changed and headed out to the deck.

Like always, Adi ran towards the floaty noodles by the side of the pool and threw one in.

From about five feet away, I told her no and asked her to get it--based on previous experience. From about four feet away, I had observed that she was reaching, but didn't expect her to...

... fall face-first into the deep end! 

Within less than a second I was at the edge of the water and with my left hand grabbed her foot and brought her all the way out of the water to above my waist.

She started screaming hysterically--naturally--and I sat down with her at the edge of the pool.

She was scared, coughing, crying, and for good reason!

There was A life guard who had been within a few feet of her with her swimming class and I was kind of embarrassed, but it served as a valuable teaching for Adi.

I asked her if she had blown her bubbles like in class and she said no. So, we talked about pool and water safety, obedience, and how practicing in class would help us if something like that ever happened again.

After she calmed down I asked her if she wanted to go to swimming lessons still and she said yes.

She was amazing! 

She showed the teacher her "ice cream scoop" arms, splashed her via kicking, and blew bubbles! She even (unintentionally) went under the water a few times.

It wasn't until after the lesson was over that I realized how miraculous it was that within less than a second I could pick her up out of the water with one arm. I'm not quite sure how much Adi weighs (between 25 and 30 lb.), but without even batting an eyelash I pulled her entire weight out of the pool and 3 feet into the air. I'm pretty sure that doing that with a 30 lb. dumbbell would have been a lot more difficult, if not impossible for me.

It's kind of scary. My adrenaline totally kicked it and this "Super Mom" strength came out of nowhere!

I guess there's something innate within us that is there to kick it into high gear when it really counts.

Here's to Super Mom Strength!


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Our Family
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