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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I love getting a good deal, but sometimes I hate the wait involved.

Ryan has taught me this patience over the past four years, and I'm thinking (or rather hoping) that it's starting to rub off.

Previously we posted pictures of our new pistachio-colored exercise room.

I'll admit, it looked a little bare.

It definitely needed a treadmill!

So we looked.

We looked and looked and looked.

And almost bought. And then we waited.

I'd given up the idea of getting a treadmill this year, thinking we would have to fork over $600 or more for anything decent.

And then, thanks to Facebook, we saw that some friends were selling their gently-used treadmill for only $100!

I called Ryan immediately and we were both in sold!

So a fresh, $100 bill later we had a not-so-bare exercise room!

Tonight I was able to take her for a spin for the first time (in my new pink shoes I might add), and I must say I scored a personal record for my mile time!

Now I just need to hit the pavement that fast!

Here's to running, I guess I'm starting to warm up...

(The before picture. Lonely weight bench.)

(The after picture. Yay!)

Now we just need some decor and a wall-mounted TV. (;


Our Family

Our Family
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