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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fête Olympics 2012

Last Friday, Ryan, Adi, and I headed to the church park for the 2012 Fête Olympics! 

It was a blast. 

Each year, Maleen and her family throw a party to celebrate French Fête Day. (Basically an excuse-to-have-a-party day.)

They invite a couple of families, have some activities, and some yummy food; this year's activity was the Olympics. 

The caveat about Maleen's Fête Day is that each year has a color and to celebrate you must wear that color. 

This year's color was orange

So we dawned our (very limited) orange wardrobe and celebrated our first Fête Day with Maleen and Tyler and their kids (June, Robyn, Ivory, Daisey, and Pearl) and Kevin and Amber and their kids (Jordyn, Jaylee, and Addie)!

I must admit, Maleen is pretty creative and definitely throws a great party! 

And, included in the evening was a randomly-drawn person for which to get a $5 gift (I got really fun orange, red, and gold earrings) and dessert (who is going to ever forget that delicious, rich ice cream cake sans hands)!

Here are some shots of some of the events including a tricky obstacle course (with backwards 2x4 walking, hula hooping, and crab walking) and a water balloon toss (or should I say throw). *Not pictured, an awesome three-legged race where Jordyn and I seriously rocked it. 

The Guys 

The Girls

The Littles

Check out our medals! 

Thanks Maleen, we had so much fun!


Maleen said...

That was a great way to do the pictures. Especially since Tyler took 400?, I think. Crazy man.

So glad you had a good time. Fete day is always better with amazing people.

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Our Family
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