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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nasty Patch

We had this nasty patch of dirt in the backyard along the house. It was pretty much a litter box with wood chips. I had the dream (obsession) of covering it all up with garden boxes. So, the in-laws were kind enough to donate some old lumber to the cause and we made a Family Home Evening activity of it. (Actually, we had several FHEs on this subject. I think Binx has, "Faith is like a little seed. Plant it and it will grow." ingrained into her psyche sufficiently by now.)

We dug, cut the wood, and screwed everything together.

Laid and leveled the boxes.

And even though we threw out most of the top dirt, we decided a barrier might be good between the box dirt and the overhauled litter box.

After filling the boxes and cleaning up, pictures were necessary.

And planting eventually followed. 

It's pretty much a pizza garden, because we like pizza around here.

We had pizza (grilled, whole-wheat, thin crust, margharita) last night, and the night before. 
(And that's grilled cabbage ladened with Tony's.)

There's no shame in being a dinner repeater, right? 
The only problem is that our two potted herb gardens full of basil might not make it through the summer...


Alicia said...

Fun!! We won't be able to do this in Texas (since we're only there for the year), but I would LOVE to do this someday, considering my gardening skills are nonexistent at this point. :)

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Our Family
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