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Monday, June 25, 2012


We decided on Friday that littlest Binx was ready (more like we were brave enough to take her) to see her first movie in the theater. So we got treats and seats at the end of a row, and we were good to go (with only a few potty breaks at the beginning).

Binx liked the "baby whisps"

but was a little freaked out by all of the bears. 

I secretly enjoyed the scary parts because she wanted to cuddle and her concern for the mama bear brought her to cry out, "Run!" several times. I love how uninhibited she is.

And we were suckers for the photo booth in the lobby as we were about to leave.
If you ask Binx if she liked it, she will tell you "No, it was scary."
Maybe next time we'll choose something that requires less courage.


Ames said...

Love the photo booth photos! How can you not pass up the photo booths! :)

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Our Family
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