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Friday, June 8, 2012


I know. I know. It's almost been three weeks since I last posted. That is honestly unheard of, I blame it partly on my new found obsession with Lie to Me but also on our busy, crazy lives, and well, a funk.

But, I'm back! And updating, so...

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind!

Most important, Ryan and I celebrated four years of marriage! And this year for our try-to-get-a-picture-on-our-anniversary picture we snapped a picture in front of our new home (although you mostly get a lot of us).

(Circling the above picture... ) We also got a few painting projects done including our pistachio-green exercise room and our bright-red kitchen accent wall.

Adi had fun driving her convertible and gave us reason to laugh at her impromptu fountain splashing!

Over memorial day, we visited East Lawn where my mother's parents are buried and the Orem City Cemetery where my cousin Sheri is buried.

Adi had a great cabin weekend and officially wore her pink, power-ranger-esque helmet with Uncle Adam, I got a haircut at the BYU Salon (Gasp! I know, I was a little worried, but she did a great job and get this--one of the barbers has been there since 1965!), Adi had fun in an ottoman at TJ Maxx, we made homemade Buckwheat Blueberry pancakes...

And last, but definitely not least, we visited Grandpa Great one weekend where Adi was spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

Life is good.


Our Family

Our Family
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