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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Adi,

I brought you to work yesterday. Bad idea. You were so good, until you missed your nap. Everyone commented on how grown up you are, I guess it's true!
I couldn't believe yesterday when I stopped to listen to your speech. 
You're speaking in 5- and 6-word sentences, at least. 
(It makes me so happy when others too recognize that you are my little smarty pants!)
You went to Seven Peaks for the first time today with Chris.
He said you loved it. I can't wait to ask you about it! (Pictures to come.)
And, I can't wait to figure out when I can put you in swimming lessons again!
I LOVE you,
Your mom and best buddy!

Dear Ry,
I can't believe it's June!
We're applying to Med School!
I am so proud of you. You work so hard, I am so grateful for your sacrifice. 
Who knows where we'll be in a year!? 
Thank you again for the hydrangea that you gave me for our anniversary! I love how they brighten our kitchen. 
Thank you also for always listening and being supportive. You are amazing. 
Your wife of more than four years!?! 

Dear self,
You read this week that Christ is the first step of individual happiness and success. 
Man you were wise at the age of 21, what happened? (: 
The house is coming along, keep up with the good work. The menu planner is going to turn out so well! I can't wait! 
Isn't Lie to Me great?! Remember to limit yourself and prioritize... whoever invented the option to watch seasons consecutively was secretly plotting to cause TV addiction. (:
Remember to be patient with yourself, others, and to humble yourself. 
Have fun this weekend! You're going to the Drive-In movies, how fun!!
Your happy-it's summer, wishing-I-were-at-the-pool self.


Our Family

Our Family
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