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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters + Pictures!

Dear Adrielle, 
You are so. Much. Fun. 
You wanted me to curl your hair this week and I loved it. You're such a girly-girl.
You met Miss Madison this past weekend. You loved her and almost cried when she went through security at the airport. Maybe someday she'll babysit you
You held a baby for the first time yesterday and said "I want a baby sis." So cute, but oi!
I can't get over your fascination with bugs, cars, flowers, ducks, and life around you. 
You are so darling, precocious, and perfect for our family. 
I love you!
Love, your bestest buddy.

Dear Ryan, 
Today you noticed the flat tire, seriously five minutes after I started putting stuff in the car! You got right to work changing the tire and of course I snapped a picture.
Shelly said today that "most men don't change tires in loafers" and it's true. 
You are my amazing, smart, stylish, and oh-so-hot hubby and I'm grateful for you. 
Thank you for working so hard at the Red Cross--I know your contribution makes a difference and you're setting such a good example for Adrielle and I. 
Plus, you're going to make one awesome, amazing doctor.  
I love you so much. 
Love, your wifey.

Dear self, 
What a great week. Seriously. You voted and exercised your Constitutional Rights! 
Don't forget what you learned today; changing a tire is seriously no. big. deal. 
Independence Day is this week! Yay! Don't forget to see the balloons, have breakfast, watch the parade, go to Seven Peaks or something fun, watch "Independence Day", and watch the fireworks. What a great way to celebrate our freedom. 
Also, keep running... only 62.5 more miles to run before August 5th. You can do it! 
Love, your I-need-to-actually-wake-up-to-my-alarm self.

A week in the life of us...

1) Adi showing off her "curl my hair mama" up-do
2) and 3) Adi smiling with her cute hair
4) Going down the "big" slide for the first time by herself
5) Exploring around the rocks at the pond
6) Going down the slide with Aunt Bri
7) More sliding 
8) Adi's obsession with garbage trucks
9) Adi holding a baby for the first tiem
10) When we spotting the Google Maps "Street View" car getting gas... what a job. 
11) A Costco treat for Ryan when he came home from working as Public Information Offficer (PIO) for the Red Cross during the wildfires 
12) Ryan changing our Friday Flat in loafers


Our Family

Our Family
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