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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Forty-eight hours in, and I miss my sweet Ryan and precocious Adi like crazy!

I mean, who really wants to come to the Strip?

I've found myself thinking about what they might each be doing and how at various moments I've felt "marooned" in this horrible place.

This is my second time in Vegas. Two too many. Yet again, I've found the spirit at the Bellagio Fountains.

On a separate, but equal topic that has been swirling in my mind... people..

Spending a lot of time with people outside your family causes (at least me) a lot of introspection.

This has occurred on study abroad programs, internships, business trips, and even when making friends with people I see on a regular basis.

The reason for the introspection you ask?

Well, six years ago on a study abroad, an acquaintance frequently called my brother and me weird.

"You're weird."

It startled me at first, me? Weird?

Then it upset me. Me? Weird?

Since then (and more recently within the past two years), I've started thinking and noticing various differences in families.

And as I've internalized my findings (to be honest) I've seen more weird, bizarre, and crazy things from others than I have from within the confines of my own family.

For example, I've witness dysfunctional families that have abandoned their wives and children... Nope.

I've seen OCD tendencies with housework and schedules... Nope.

I've seen spouses go on more "dates" with friends then with his/her actual spouse... Nope.

So, what is weird? It's relative.

And why does distance make the heart grown fonder? Because my Ryan is amazing. He is smart, funny, spiritual, patient, loving, and well... normal. And he loves me for me. And I love him for it.

And I can't wait to get home to my sweetheart and little girl so I can enjoy my own personal "weird".


Ames said...

Vegas is not at the top of my visiting list either. The Bellagio fountain is a highlight indeed. Hope the rest of your trip goes well and quickly to return home to your cute family. :)

Chelsea said...

I'm not a fan of Vegas either. Dirty dirty city! That's so rude that person called you weird! I'd take it as a compliment though cause you are fantastic!

René (aka Tweeter Bug) said...

Yep, I'd say after spending some time with me in Vegas, you've realized you're not as weird as I am. haha

René (aka Tweeter Bug) said...

Yep, I bet after spending a week with me in Vegas, it helped you realize you're not as weird as I am. haha

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