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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Visitors from Singapore!

Last month we had the incredible pleasure to be graced the presence of Katie and Baby Jonathan.

We had breakfast at Kneaders in Bountiful, it was so. much. fun.

And Adi made a new friend. And stole Jonathan's first kiss...

Katie is such a good mom and a great example. I look up to her so much, especially after all that she's been through in the past six months.

Oh how I wished we all lived closer! Ryan and I both enjoy Katie and Fabio's company, that's not super common... more couple friends would so nice.

So, where's the midpoint between here and Singapore?

Lovin' on Baby Jonathan 

Cute baby friends! 

(Please ignore my awful hair, it's definitely time for a change!)

"Wake up baby!?"

"Baby! Why are you sleeping!?"


Love Katie!

Cutest mom. Ever. 


Our Family

Our Family
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