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Monday, May 14, 2012


I am so incredibly spoiled.

Yesterday was my third celebration of Mother's Day as a mother (How is that even possible?!). It was filled with family and it was simply perfect.

My Mother's Day 2012 started with a surprise bouquet of beautiful red roses and a yummy cinnamon roll and crepe breakfast--Ryan is truly the sweetest and most thoughtful husband, he is (even four years later) practically perfect in every way.

Followed by a yummy mint truffle chocolate bar from Adi.

It then took an interesting and long-awaited turn...

When Adi was born I was waiting for the "impact". The "my-life-is-complete-because-I'm-a-mother" moment. Some people talk about it. Some people dream about it. I never felt it. Until yesterday.

After breakfast I turned on Music and the Spoken Word, and it was about mothers (I had had a momentary lack of memory) because it was Mother's Day. I think I caught a few words as it lingered in the background, but sometime during that 30 minutes, I realized, oh my goodness, I am a mother.

I am so blessed to be Adrielle's mother and that Heavenly Father felt confident in me to help raise this special little girl. She is charming, sweet, full of life, and thoroughly precocious.


(This smile was for a picture text to my bestie, Adriel.)

She is my little girl, and one of my best buddies. I am so very grateful for her in our little family. 

That was definitely the highlight of my mother's day, but it was fun to be even more spoiled than that with a few material gifts as well...

A fun and totally random elephant necklace from J Crew! 

Pedicures with my momma! 

A new TV!

And last but definitely not least, a new house!

We got to see Ryan's mom as she drove home from the Cabin and had a lovely dinner with my family. It was such a wonderful day. 

I don't think that this Mother's Day will ever be forgotten or surpassed in simple perfection. Thank you to my sweetheart, darling little girl, and families for making it so wonderful. I love you!


Our Family

Our Family
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