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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oi, moving.

Remind me next time we decide to move, although this is truly the story of my life.

Well, ladies and gentleman, we've done it again. We've decided to move, although this time it's only about six blocks. Yet still, we're cramped for time. Why you ask? I mean really, we've known for weeks.

Well, like DC, (where we sold our contract to friends of ours who ended up staying with us for a week before we actually left), we've planned the puzzle pieces just right so that the couple moving into our condo arrives on Tuesday, the day after we close and move into our new house. Perfect. Plenty of time. Even to deep clean.

That would have worked out like clock-work except for the fact that we're not closing on Monday. For one reason or another our loan file was 4th in line yesterday and the underwriters didn't make it that far.


So now we don't close until Tuesday... or Wednesday... Tuesday is fine. Wednesday not-so-fine considering I will be 2,500 miles away and would need to sign power of attorney rights over to Ryan. (After everything, not experiencing closing would be sad...)

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Think happy Tuesday thoughts.

Next time, no travel for a week on either side of closing/moving dates.

Next time, no couples moving in right on top of us.

Remind me next time we decide to move.


Carbonneau said...

good luck! sounds a teensy bit stressful!

Ruth said...

Yuck! Our closing got moved back because of our lender too. I think I yelled. ;) It's super stressful and I hope it works out ok for you guys!

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