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Friday, May 4, 2012


Two years ago, Ryan and I walked across the stage as we graduated with our Masters in Public Administration. You may not have believed us considering the lack of photographic evidence. 

Considering I had flown 2,500 miles one way, started a job, worked for four days, flown another 2,500 and had to leave in less than twelve hours, I'd say a two-year delay is acceptable. (And it's a good thing there's evidence, because it was a blurrrrrrrrrrrr.)

But, with no further ado, the evidence. 

Look how small Adi was! Just two months old!

Bill Marriott was our speaker

It took place at the Marriott Center

We signed a piece of the floor 

Ryan graduated first... 

And then it was my turn. 

The graduates

We were surrounded by friends and family

We celebrated with our parents and Grandpa 
and honored our dads (we honored our moms two years before at our undergraduate graduation) 

Unfortunately Adi was screaming much of the time and my mom didn't see us walk
Definitely brings back memories. Definitely don't miss the screaming. 

But, we did graduate and were officially hooded. (:


Our Family

Our Family
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