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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Decision Made: Go Private

Last week, while I was in Washington, someone mentioned hobbies. It's a topic I try to avoid because I don't feel like I have any. I spend my place in (usually) one of two places: work and home. My family is my hobby.

Then I realized I do have another hobby; I enjoy writing. I enjoy this blog. I've even had a few people call me an 'avid blogger' recently... And although sometimes I neglect it, this little blog has become our memoirs.

This afternoon, as Ryan and I discussed the idea of our blog as memoirs and a compilation of stories from our lives, he asked me what we hope Adrielle will learn from our blog and what we write. I thought it was such a wonderful question, especially as I have been pondering the Children's Hymn, "How Will They Know" for the past few days.

The phrase I like best from the above song is "How will they know unless we strive to teach them so?" There is so much to be said for striving to teach correct and virtuous principles. And that's essentially what I hope for Adi. I hope that throughout her life (and as she recounts these memories), that by example and the spirit, she will learn love, patience, kindness, to delight in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be a strong woman, to value education, and that we love her so very much, along with many other truths and principles.

It's because of this hope and striving, that we have made the decision to make our blog private.

Many of our memories and stories that we record are personal. Our thoughts, opinions, frustrations, and many of the day-to-day experiences that make us who we are.

To elaborate, one such post, about six months ago, was an effort to describe my surprise on unkindness, people's surprise that I worked and Ryan didn't, and that some women work and some women stay home. I had no idea at the time that my post would be misread, misconstrued, misunderstood, and taken completely out of context. It caused a lot of hurt and hard feelings and circulated wildly throughout our ward.

When I discovered the hurt and hard feelings, I tried to right the wrong. I had written to express emotion and frustration, but didn't realize some of the things I had said would be viewed so unfavorably.

Over the course of a few weeks, I spoke with a few friends in the ward and helped to heal some of the hurt. But, despite my absolute best effort to right any wrong I may have committed, it has been made very clear by one individual time and time again that no matter what I do, a cold shoulder and silence is all I will ever receive.

It saddens me that this person is unable to acknowledge my apologies, hellos, compliments, and even desperate attempts at small talk, but I realize that I have done all that I can do. It also saddens me to realize that this person takes this grudge with her every single day.

So, in a hope to help heal hearts, monitor privacy, and better teach Adrielle throughout our lives, we have decided to make our blog private. We love readers and comments, and hope that many of you will continue to read our blog as we document the ups and downs of our lives.

Please let me know (comment, message, text, e-mail, etc.) your e-mail address if you are interested in continuing to follow our blog--it will be a week or so before we make the transition.


Kathleen said...

Please keep me if you have room :) I love your blog!!

Carbonneau said...

please count me in!

Day late friend said...

keep us on your list I like to see what my fellow BYU alum is up to

Jackie said... me please!

The Andreasens said...

Your old coworker loves reading about your cute family! I'd love an invite:)

Katlin Vest said... I'm so sad to see you go soon! I'd love to keep in contact through blogs if you have enough room :)

Andrew & Elise said...

I'd love an invite!

Thompson Family said...

love reading your blog!

Shan said...

I love reading your blog and would love to continue to do so.

Parrish Family said...

I like reading your blog! :)

(When we went private, I just felt so much better. It was a relief that I hadn't expected. Hope you feel good about your choice too! :)

Deborah said...

I'd love to keep reading!

Amber said...

Add me please!! I love keeping in touch and that this is a way I can see how you guys are doing.

Chelsea said...

That's really sad about that lady but you can't please everyone!

Stephanie said...

I would love to be on the list! :)

Katie said...

I can still read your blog, so I think I must be invited... but if not please do so! I love keeping up by reading your funny stories!

Ruth said...

I'd love to keep up with you guys too.

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