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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Letters

Full disclosure, it's not Friday, it's Saturday night, but my world has been pushed, pulled, and flipped upside down the past week with the various time changes, so...

Dear Binx,
I missed you this week, but I loved talking to you on the phone.
I can't believe how much your speech has improved this week.

You look absolutely adorable in your new Hawaiian dress.
And, I'm not surprised you love chocolate-covered macadamian nuts.
I'm proud of your potty training progress, great job!
Your mommy.

Dear Ryan,
This was definitely one of those pump-the-air-with-your-fist kind of weeks!
We bought a house! (Or at least we're going to!)
I love you. So. Much. And I love that you knew the outcome the moment you answered the phone on Tuesday!
It was fun talking to you this week while walking along the beach, it brought back memories of 2007.
I'm happy to be home, trips away make for long weeks.

Your overjoyed wife.

Dear self,
What a momentus week! The time change didn't go over very well, but hey, you bought a house!
You bought a house? You. bought. a. house.

I love the sound of "under contract".
In not-so-happy-news, you made a bad decision.
Next time you specifically chose not to wear sunscreen for any reason, remember that you only have one set of skin and that you are responsible for what happens to it. Ouch.
Your tired self.

Dear body,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sleeping five hours on the red eye.
It has made for a much easier transition.
I am sorry however for the neglect you've faced recently.
I promise tomorrow we'll turn another new leaf.
Here's to another few months of fabulousness.
Your sleep-deprived, over-worked body.

Ala Moana Beach - March 2012


Our Family

Our Family
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