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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last summer, a college friend, Lindsey, was getting ready to have a baby. I was so excited for her and even remember other friends posting about the upcoming addition.

Then I didn't hear anything for a long time.
We weren't very close, so I didn't hear many details, but when I did my heart ached for their ordeal.
Lindsey had delievered her little boy, Peter, with few complications, but afterwards suffered extreme circumstances which ended in an emergency hysterechtomy and damage to her heart and lungs. She was only 24.

I follow their blog now and they are the most uplifting, sweet people. In their posts they talk about Lindsey's recovery and about parenting in a way that is endearing, spiritual, and something to strive for. They are inspiring people. I admire Lindsey so much.
This month their little boy is six months old. Still tiny. But today I learned that they have already decided to and moved forward with the adoption process.
When I realized Lindsey couldn't have any more children on her own I was speechless--it brought me to tears--but learning about their love for their future (adopted) children has also been so incredibly inspiring. In fact their thoughts about the Lord's plan and the miracle of adoption are tender.

So, while I know there are many wonderful people looking to adopt, I wanted to spotlight Lindsey, Scott, and Peter's road to adoption because their story is full of miracles worth sharing and hopefully adoption will be another miracle in their future.

Learn more about their hope to adopt here. 


Scott and Lindsey said...

What a wonderful post, Mckenzie! You are so generous and sweet! Thank you for thinking of us and for saying all the kind things you said!


Mitch + Roz said...

oh that was a wonderful post. what an amazing couple!

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