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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Little Girl...

Turned two yesterday!

I simply cannot believe it. In fact, as I watched her yesterday, I swear she was maturing before my eyes. I kid you not.

The morning was full of exciting festivities... 

A stash of presents from mom and dad (encouraged by Santa Clause, I'm sure.)

A darling glitter Pascal courtesy of Grandma Jennifer (: 

Tangled figurines... Playing with the mini pascal and the big pascal. 

A Horsey! 

Breakfast fit for a birthday princess!

After breakfast and a bubble bath, Adi napped while Ryan prepared our lessons and got ready for church. 

Adi wore her new birthday dress and Adi even got to sit by her friend Hunter during Sacrament Meeting.  

After Sacrament Meeting, Adi headed home with my parents (we had to teach and she has a little cold), but we waited anxiously to head over to the party. 

When we got there...

There were even more presents waiting for that little girl!

In fact, my mom said that they'd been saying "you have wait until momma get's home" and as soon as Adi saw me walk in the door she ran up to me with arms open and said, "Presents?!"

Before presents through we had a taste of birthday carrot cake... 

Apparently it was good. (:

Really good. 

After cake, we opened presents (videos to come)... princess attire, pillow pet, puzzle and more!

My family made Adi's birthday very special and even made a yummy mango chutney pork roast for her special birthday dinner. 

She is one lucky little girl. 

Happy Birthday little girl! We love you and can't believe you're already two!


beth said...

Happy birthday, cute little Adi! Looks like a fun filled day!

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Our Family
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