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Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Running

I feel like I have been sitting hunched over a book for the past 6 months. Oh wait, I have. It's been draining both physically and emotionally, but I know why. I have neglected my outlet for stress: running.

I miss running a lot but its been hard to get back into the groove. I'm fatter and out of shape (although I can still crank out a good 7 miles, just not every day of the week). It's cold. I don't have a race pushing me. All excuses I need to overcome.

I thought positive imagery might work, and so I googled winter running in images to help.

*Closing eyes and repeating*
"I am the tiger."

"I am the Snow Leopard."

"I am the horse."

"I am the puppy."

"I am the crazy guy...running without shoes?"

Point noted: There is a fine line between motivation and demotivation, and it is drawn after the puppy.

But in all seriousness, I'm looking forward to getting a plan put together again and to have some time to think and feel alive.


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Our Family
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